Yeah, that's right, we got you! Forget Me Not Panties is a hoax. The Panty Raiders (that's us) made this website in one night, and it cost us $18.

Thousands of men from all over the world tried to buy our panties... and they were not alone. Lots of women begged us to make Forget Me Not Boxers.

We had over 600,000 people come to our site in 3 weeks, and then shortly after that we hit a million, and then we lost count.

If you thought Forget Me Not Panties were real, you got duped, but you aren't stupid. We had over 300 distribution requests and 90% of the press we got never figured out the "GPS panties" was really an art project. We even created a fake PR company to handle the press that suddenly bombarded our inbox.

We had press from all over the world, but we credit the success of the site to our blogging fans, and it was because of them we won Eyebeam's Contagious Media Showdown

The following are just a sample of some of the press and emails we received.